Faye Miller, PhD is a qualified and experienced career development coach, counsellor and educator.

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In recent years, Faye observed that regular personalized coaching and mentoring helps people maintain their confidence and motivation, as their original plans may not have panned out for a number of reasons beyond their control.

While researching and teaching, Faye identified a new need for side-coaching people with compassion to learn transferable skills, resilience and adaptability.

Over time, side-coaching helps people to become self-sufficient to contribute meaningfully to the growing need for multidisciplinary teamwork in different industries, at the same time expanding their career opportunities.

Faye specializes in facilitating the GROW coaching model (Goals, Reality, Opportunities, Wrap-Up/Commitment) to assist teams and individuals navigate and overcome a variety of problems and challenges, particularly in relation to collaborative, adaptive or integrative projects.

With over ten years experience, Faye has provided successful online coaching and mentoring experiences to early career researchers, practitioners and leaders, now working in universities and industries globally (i.e. business, tech, government, film and media).

Through her work, she found that students almost always appreciate the chance to gain transferable employability skills through developing challenging workplace projects, which can raise their self-confidence and their knowledge of reflective and evidence-based practice.

She has had the honor of guiding and mentoring students and adult learners from every discipline; many making transitions into new industries outside of their comfort zones into exciting, sometimes unconventional roles they never knew existed, as one recent graduate – Master of Information Studies, newly employed at Deakin University in client services and digital knowledge management, expressed in her feedback:

My capstone unit and work placement in a university library provided me with a unique opportunity to gain an overview of a whole academic library system. I was able to apply and develop my knowledge from my coursework and identify and hone relevant transferable skills for career opportunities within an academic library and beyond.

Throughout my final capstone unit and work placement, Dr Miller’s presence was warm, supportive and personalised in the challenging space of online teaching and learning. Her guidance and support allowed me to define my interests and goals for the unit and find a suitable placement.            

By providing me with clear direction and valuable feedback on my progress, Dr Miller enabled me to tackle the various challenges of an immersive placement and I was able to confidently complete the unit and smoothly transition into a new career.

Another coachee with whom I collaborated, an engineering scientist from the Australian National University, wrote:

In our coaching sessions using the GROW model, Faye listened to my leadership challenge progress with great enthusiasm and as always, great listening skills. She gave me ample time and opportunity to talk about various issues and realities related to my adaptive challenge. After exploring and listening, she asked open-ended questions, which enabled me to begin exploring pragmatic options towards implementing my ideas. I appreciated having someone listen to and acknowledge my thoughts and actions around my challenge, in a neutral way with some information exchange where we found common links.

As I am an engineering scientist with less experience in human-centered communication, Faye inspired my confidence in gradually becoming more comfortable with these new styles of listening and speaking, particularly leaving more spaces for silent reflection. I also learned from experiencing Faye’s approaches that one of the main goals for being a coach in teaching and research, is to act as a catalyst for helping the coachee (or student) come to realise things they had not thought of before or had planned to say, based on what they are offering during coaching sessions; focusing on ‘why ‘ they have chosen to talk about these things and talking more about that before leaping into the ‘how’.

Currently, Faye is taking bookings for online coaching/mentoring sessions at affordable rates (50 US dollars per hour long session) for

  1. early career researchers and professionals, and;
  2. people who need personal coaching for career transitions.

Clients usually commit to engaging in six online hour long sessions over a six month period, to track and evaluate progress on goals and challenges. This arrangement is of course flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

To book a personalized one-on-one or team based online coaching/mentoring session with Dr Faye Miller, please fill out the form below with a brief description of your challenge and needs, and we will be in touch as soon as possible:

Here are further details from Faye on her background and approach:

I have been teaching undergraduates and postgraduates in blended modes (face-to-face and online) at universities for more than ten years, since 2008. Between 2015 to 2019, I fully convened two core units – Managing Contemporary Digital Information Practices and Knowledge and Information Studies Projects as part of the Master of Information Management program at University of Canberra. During this period, I supervised the professional placements and applied research projects for over fifty Masters by coursework students in various locations and sectors across Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

In 2017, I received a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence – Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning by facilitating workplace communications with industry mentors, raising students’ self-confidence and employability skills and attributes. In 2018, I was invited as a Teaching Fellow – Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education (University of Canberra) at the Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching. I hold a Masters in Information Management and a transdiscipinary PhD from Queensland University of Technology in information science, communication, higher education and learning. I am currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Career Development and Counselling at Queensland University of Technology.

After ten years working as a university lecturer, I was asked why being a teacher and mentor is important to me. I think that having the opportunity to facilitate learning experiences for students is about making a substantive positive difference to people’s lives through challenging and nurturing them to grow in unforeseen ways and across boundaries which they had not previously thought possible. My desire to catalyse potentially life-changing learning experiences for students stems from my own experiences from my formative years where, due to extensive travelling in my family life, my learning has always been a blend of formal, self-directed and informal learning within and beyond classrooms.

My approach to teaching and mentoring draws upon my own experiences and emotions as both a student and a self-directed learner from an early age, throughout my education until now in my postdoctoral years. As a student who didn’t always fit in with curriculum based learning approaches but who embraced this productively, I understand how vital it is to experience the journey alongside teachers and mentors who value, encourage and empathise with learning experiences that manifest from the unconventional interplay between formal and informal learning. My teaching is also informed by my understanding of how this kind of blended learning can broaden one’s perspectives which shape their originality and creative innovation.